Social Sciences

Social Science is the exploration of human society – past and present – and the relationship between its members. That means us, our forebears and other people who inhabit the world.

Junior Social Science is an action packed two year programme that allows students to experience a wealth of topics covering Social Studies, Geography, History, Economics/Accounting, Classical Studies and modern day issues like the possible mining of the East Coast. All programmes are based in a co-operative learning style where each student has a scrap book that becomes their record of learning. In Social Science we encourage creativity and students are expected to be active participants and directors in their own learning. Group work requires the sharing of ideas, opinions and knowledge in a supportive collaborative environment.

Junior Business Studies is offered at Year 10. We canvas what it means to be enterprising and then demonstrate it by having our very own Market Day – sell the products you develop and you keep the profit. You will also learn the basics of accounting, so you know if you did make a profit. The programme continues at Year 11 where NCEA Level 1 credits can be obtained. This is an entirely internally assessed course.

Join us and let’s get to know our world and the people who make earth their home.

“The social sciences have a critical contribution to make, in helping us understand, imagine, and craft a more sustainable future for all.” – UNESCO