Cultural Slam

Here is an arena where Lytton students and other high schools talents are on show for one night only in a range of performance codes that rival even the best of television’s talent shows. This is where dance, music, song and culture collide and creativity knows no bounds. If you have what it takes then Cultural Slam enables you to take it to the limit and showcase the talent within.

For this event our students not only get to perform on the Lytton Stage, but also learn how to work cooperatively with all the other local high schools to bring together an evening to remember. If you have a talent here is where you can bring it out and let it shine because here in Tairāwhiti we have a real melting pot of cultural talent that needs to be showcased from a young age. Lytton’s leadership role in bringing Cultural Slam to the people is well worth being a part of as it supports key competencies for students today and in the future.