Japanese • 日本語

Photo's taken by Logan Hughes in Japan

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.” – Rita Mae Brown

Nihongo – Japanese language. Lytton is the only high school in Gisborne currently offering Japanese as a subject. Japan is one of New Zealand’s key trading partners. It is a diverse and fascinating country, with a unique culture. Our Japanese language course broadens student’s choices of careers and student’s awareness of different cultures. The course includes learning the language, as well as offering students the opportunity to try Japanese Taiko drumming as part of the curriculum.

There are also opportunities to be part of Sister Cities exchanges. Every two years students from Lytton High School have the opportunity to travel to visit Japan. These exchanges involve visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Gamagori and Nonoichi. At Nonoichi and Gamagori students have a homestay experience with Japanese families and experience the home life of a different culture.

ICT is used extensively in learning the Japanese alphabets.

Student Voice

"At Lytton High School there is a variety of language courses made available right from the beginning of year 9, one of these courses being Japanese. I am now in year 13 and throughout my time with Lytton High School I was able to have so many new experiences through studying Japanese. Lytton High offers an education-focused trip to Japan at a low cost considering how much you will see and do in the time that you’re in Japan. I was lucky enough to be able to go to Japan earlier this year and I think the trip itself helped all of us develop as people by not only showing us how a non-English speaking community operates but also gaining key life skills such as confidence, initiative, and awareness of those around us. You can attain up to NCEA level 3 日本語 with Lytton and can help aim you towards tertiary level study if you wish to continue studying after you leave Lytton. Next year I plan to take my Japanese back to Japan and study to be an English teacher, something I hadn’t considered prior to going to Japan with Lytton High School."

- Logan Hughes, Top Year 12 Japanese Student 2018










"I was first allowed to study Japanese at Lytton High School in my first term of Year 9. I proceeded to take Japanese for the whole of Year 10 and am currently taking another full-year course this year for NCEA Level One, And hope to continue into at least NCEA Level Two and Three. Japanese to me is more a hobby than anything else, but through studying Japanese I was opened up to countless new opportunities. One opportunity being students given the chance to go on an educational-based trip to Japan, which I went on earlier this year. This was my first time overseas and I feel I have not only developed a better understanding of the Japanese language but have become more confident and self-aware. Thanks to being given the chance to visit a Non-English speaking country. More opportunities being a career within Japan or related to Japan. Whether it leads me to a Japan-related career of some sort or not I still keep the skills and knowledge when it comes to languages and learning in general from what I learned in my Japanese class."

- Josh McGregor, Top Year 10 Japanese Student 2018