Health & Physical Education

Lytton High School’s Physical Education Department has a proud tradition of success. Over the past few years it has grown in size and popularity and has produced students who have gained Scholarship in the subject.

Health Education and Physical Education are compulsory at junior level so all students will have the opportunity to make use of our facilities.

While Health Education and Physical Education is compulsory at the junior level, in the Senior School there are three options. Senior Sport for those more interested in the activities of physical education. We also have the Football Academy for those interested in further developing their skills and knowledge. Finally, we have NCEA Physical Education which caters for the academic athlete.

Our courses benefit from top-class facilities. The school has excellent facilities including a rugby field and football pitch, an indoor gym which includes a weights room for senior students, an outdoor sports complex which houses our tennis courts, netball courts, hockey turf, basketball courts and volleyball courts. It also has a 100m six lane sprint track. A computer suite and senior physical education classroom is located above our weights room and the department’s health classroom is located near by.

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” – John F. Kennedy