Lytton has a strong history on the football pitch. Wearing the schools tradition maroon the 1st XI represents the school in the Gisborne Men's Championship Competition, in inter school fixtures against local and national schools and at the NZ Secondary Schools Winter Football Tournament each year. The team has had individual and team success throughout its history. Players have been selected to represent NZ at age and full international level, both male and female. The team has medalled in a number of National tournaments, including winning the Trident Trophy. (National Satellite Tournament).

The school offers footballing opportunities for students of all age groups and genders. Competitively, in the schools 1st, 2nd and junior teams and socially in house sporting events and Physical Education classes. The school football pitch is maintained to the highest standard and training facilities and equipment provide great tools for students to develop their footballing schools.

Student Voice

"During my time at Lytton High School I have been apart of Lytton's football team, it has provided me with opportunities to play amongst great players in some successful teams over the 4 years I have played at Lytton. The environment at Lytton's football is something that you cannot find at another school, the chemistry on and off the pitch between the team is amazing and has really brought me to love football as a sport. My career in football at Lytton started in late year 10 and was a real opportunity to play with one of the best teams I've played with, later being apart of football from year 11 through to year 13, with being the club captain this year in my final year at school. Over the years I have been apart of day trips to play teams such as Napier Boys High School and Colenso. Tournament is always a privilege of being apart of football, and is by far my favourite trip away each year, in 2017 we travelled to Hamilton and placed middle, in 2018 we went away to Palmerston North and did much better than the previous year with 8th place and this year (2019) we will travel to Whanganui. Tournament provides an excellent experience to train and play against other teams in NZ. football at Lytton has also provided me with the opportunity to travel to London, England in september apart of the Fusion Football Academy to play against U19 teams such as QPR and Tottenham, which is an excellent opportunity. Overall I wouldn't want to be apart of any other football club." - Sonny Brady, 1st XI Football Captain

“I like football because it's always been a hobby of mine since a young age. When I found out Lytton had a football team I was very interested in joining. I joined the 1st team in year 11 and that was a huge step up from Superleague. The training's are enjoyable but at the same time, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Mr. Christophers is a great coach, the drills he takes us through are always very good and they help us all to improve. We go for exchanges to Colenso and we also have a winter tournament which are both enjoyable. Colenso is a cool exchange since you get to play your sport but are also able to watch your friends play theirs, the whole experience is great. Our Winter Tournaments have been one of my favourite opportunities I've done at Lytton and were definitely worth it, travelling away a week with your mates and getting to play football against schools all around the North Island is an unreal experience. Over the seasons we get to learn skills such as leadership, teamwork, and most importantly communication. We also learn types of football skills which include foot coordination, balance, vision, and an overall improvement in your football playing skills (footwork, shooting, passing, speed, and fitness). Football at Lytton has given me opportunities to become a better player and also given me the chance to train with Gisborne Thistle which is one of the main clubs in Gisborne and next year when I leave school I definitely want to go play for Gisborne Thistle. Overall I'm super happy with playing football for Lytton” - Merlin Parsons, 1st Xl Football Vice Captain

House Football Competition 2019 After 5 weeks of competition between the houses the results are below:

1st Makauri - 4 wins

2nd Nikau - 3 wins

3rd Rata - 2 wins

4th Kowhai - 1 win

5th Ponga - 0 wins

Adding more points to Makauri who are currently in the lead overall.